Friday, September 23, 2016

Sister Marta goes to a Meeting

My sister has been all week at a regional meeting of religious novices and a photo was just posted on the Abbey's website. She emailed and said she was seeing some beautiful things. The location is near Bramberg in the Bavaria. She included some photos: 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The most amazing flower!

I got a call late night and Number Four and I got dressed and drove to our friends' John and Mary's house-- they have this green flowering plant that blooms once a year--at night-- and the flowers are dead by the morning. She received a cutting of these from a nun in Oklahoma a while back.  They had a record number of four bloom at once around the Blessed Mother statue in their sunroom. As soon as we entered the room the aroma was amazing, different from anything I have ever smelled. The photos don't do it justice, and there's no way to add the smell here. My words can't describe it either. What is left is the memory of an amazing experience, the prayers of thanksgiving we said, the grateful heart, and the sung Salve Regina with which we closed the visit.

About these flowers here. The name of this flower vary. We found: Night Blooming Cereus, Christ's Cradle, Christ in the Manger, Princess of the Night and Queen of Honolulu. And more. But there's a lot more about it online, like this article.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Number Seven Wins a National Art Award

We find out this evening that Number Seven was awarded the National Education Contest award for high school art from by the National Catholic Daughters of the Americas. She received a check and is very happy! The theme was about preserving the environment. Congratulations, Number Seven! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

A wonderful gift from my niece!

Monica is a dear cartoon character in Brasil, and my niece Carolina sent me this darling book where Monica and friends visit the huge Marian shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida! She also sent me one where they go to Rome and see the Pope!  I went on the Brazilian Amazon site and wrote a review, and it was first review there.

Link for the book here.

My review:

Minha sobrinha me mandou esse livrinho de presente--que maravilha! Fiquei muito agradecida. Me lembro da turma da Monica sendo criada no Brasil, e meu personagem mais querido foi sempre o Chico Bento, dono de uma fé simple mas capaz de mover montanhas. Fiquei contente de ve-lo como parte da turma nesse livrinho! Morei perto de Aparecida nos tempos de faculdade e achei as ilustrações muito boas! Uma mistura dos desenhos de quadrinhos da Monica e desenhos mais realistas--as ilustrações funcionam muito bem!
Mas o melhor aspecto desse simpático livrinho e' que ele traz para as crianças de hoje a história tão querida no coração do povo brasileiro. Nesse mundo de tablets e eletrônicos, as crianças correm o risco de crescerem sem as histórias que vem reinando no coração do Brasil por séculos--esse livrinho vem ao encontro desse triste fato, e acendendo uma vela no escuro!


My niece sent me this little book - how wonderful! I was very grateful. I remember Monica the cartoon character (and her friends) having been raised in Brasil. My dearest character was always the Chico Bento, the country boy, owner of a simple faith, but one that can move mountains. I was glad to see him as part of the gang in this little book! I lived near Aparecida in college and found the illustrations to be very faithful. A mixture of comic drawings of Monica and more realistic drawings, the illustrations work very well! But the best aspect of this little friendly book is that it brings to the children of today the story so dear in the heart of the Brazilian people. In this world of tablets and electronics, children are at risk of growing up without the stories that have reigned in the heart of Brazil people for centuries - this little book come to encounter this sad fact, and lights a candle in the dark!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Watercolors, reframed

Grandpa Mike purchased these from a local watercolor artist in Marblehead, MA some fifty years ago. I found these good quality frames at a sale and ordered custom mats... they look so good now!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Color Guard Season

They have their new costumes and are putting finishing touches on their season's field performance. Next week they march at a home game!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Number Six Cooks a Meal

It was her idea, to cook a meal once a week--she is receiving credit for it. I am one lucky mom!